Shanghai Starlight Culture Media Group (Shorter form 'Starlight Media Group')

Starlight Media Group(Starlight for short)started in December 2005,is one of the very few comprehensive cultural media enterprises which combines upstream and downstream traditional TV dramas and new content channel broadcast ecosystem. Starlight contains editing/directing/producing and releasing films and TV dramas/ artist Management/ Investment and construction of theaters/ terminal projection/new media platform building and so on. Shanghai Starlight Film Co. LTD (Starlight Film for short), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Starlight Media Group, went public on 14th December, 2015, stock code:834588. Legendary Pictures Investment(Shanghai) Limited Company, which is one subsidiary of the Starlight Media Group, has successfully invested several film making projects and stage shows.


Dai Xiaojun prize>>

  • Starlight Media Group Chairman of the Board
  • Shanghai Starlight Culture Co. Ltd Chairman and CEO
  • China Tongzhou Bay Starlight Cultural Industrial Park Chairman
  • Shanghai Starlight Film Co. Ltd Chairman


•The box office of film <21 carats> is over 100 million

•Starlight Shanghai Yaxin flagship Cinema was designated as the official cinema of Shanghai International Film Festival

•Film <Love Apartment> gained very high box office

•Starlight International studios Tangshan grand opening


•Release American film <The Hitman’s bodyguard>

•Invest film <21 carats> which starred by Di Ali Gerba and Guo Jingfei

•Invest big movie <Love Apartment>


•Qidong starlight international cinema open

•.Haimen starlight international cinema open


•First Starlight international cinema in Fujian open

•Starlight Film Limited Company complete share reform

•Buy in Shanghai Rongna

•Starlight film go public on 14th Decembe


•Nantong Wenfeng World starlight cinema open

•Shanghai Sports centel starlight movie chamber open,it was the first cinema which open 20hours per day

•Establish Legendary Pictures investment (shanghai) limited company


•Starlight Shanghai Yaxin flagship cinema's boxoffice hit $20 million


•Starlight Shanghai Yaxin flagship Cinema open


•Establish Jiangsu starlight Culture Media Co, Ltd

•Establish Jiangsu starlight film Investment limited


•Hong Kong director Guan Jinpeng sign up for Starlight and set up a film studio

•Russian dolphin vioce prince VITAS sign up for Starlight

•Film <Energy Behind the Heart> which we invested start filming


•Artist Zhang Tielin sign up for starlight


•Buy Ao Cheng city net work

•Become first content provider of tencent

•Cooperate with Baidu on content platform

•Undertake "Forbes China celebrity Awards

•Get authorization from 'Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee' to be the designated media of Beijing Olympic Games 

•Hong Kong artist Wen Bixia sign up for Starlight


•Starlight media mobile new media platform is put into operation

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We are a place to create happiness. We are fully committed to the development of the entire industry chain for the creation and screening performance of films, TV dramas, network dramas and stage plays. We carefully create an open and transparent working environment and let every member of the team Have the opportunity to realize their potential and ensure that everyone’s opinions are respected. We invite you to join the Star Media family as we strive to break through.
Corporate Welfare: Employee Travel;Birthday Cake;Discount;Holiday Benefits;Stock Options

Russian Dolphin Tone Prince Vitas

Vitas was born in Latvia on February 19, 1981. The famous Russian male singers are known for their vocal lines that span the five-octave wide range and the treble region's hard-to-find voices. It is known to the people of the world by its masterpiece "Opera 2". After participating in popular films such as the movie Mulan and Party Building Albert, Vitas took a number of personal tour concerts in China and became the most famous Russian artist in China. Xingguang Film Group’s Starlight Films shares, for Vitas successfully operating the 2009 “Tonight's No Sleep” world tour concert in China, a total of nine Chinese concerts in Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming and other central cities landmarks The venue is held. In the same year, Vitas played in the hit movie "Mulan" of the Star Film Group, playing the Hun singer Goode and singing the film's overseas version of the theme song "Beneath the Glory".

Wan Ziyi

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Legendary Pictures

Legendary Pictures Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Legendary Pictures Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. specializes in film and television project planning, shooting production, stage drama project planning, investment and production of film and television drama investment company. The company has a consulting think-tank composed of senior experts and scholars, excellent planning talents, mature operating team, rich media resources and strong execution capabilities. Has invested in the film "the Hitman's Bodyguard", "21 kt", " Great smoke guns ", "New Times Adventurer" and many other stage plays.


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