Crazy Troupe is a contemporary sitcom which directed by He Nian and starred by Chen Xinzhe, Guo Xiaoting, Li Zixi and Liu Xuanrui.
《Ipartment Of Love》Box office 530 million.

The “Love Apartment” series, which has witnessed the generation’s youthful memories, has been over for many years since the end of the fourth quarter of 2014. Now officially announced the return of "Love Apartment" movie version, Zeng Xiaoxian, Hu Yifei, Lu Ziqiao, Zhang Wei, Tang Youyou, Chen Meijia all returned. The film was directed by TV drama director Wei Zheng and screenwriter Wang Yuan personally. It was fixed on August 10th and reunited with everyone at the most reminiscent of the summer holiday.                 

The original crew pushed the movie version of love apartment.

《Ipartment Of Love》 filmmakers recently announced that this summer will be 《Ipartment Of Love》 film version of the form of return.

  As an episode spanning ten years, "Love Apartment" accompanied a generation of youth. Although on the screen, the story has never stopped, everyone has always been together; and outside the screen, starring Chen He, Li Jiahang, Yan Yixi, Deng Jiajia and other starring people all experienced important growth and changes in their lives. Many of the audiences in [Love Apartment] were also young boys and girls in the school age and now they are moving toward the workplace.

  When the first series of TV dramas was launched in 2009, this small-cost, new-faced sitcom did not receive special attention. As of now, the full range of "Love Apartment" has exceeded 10 billion in the network platform, of which only the fourth quarter in the iQiyi platform playback volume reached 6.24 billion. The reason why the blaze is so popular is that this series has met the audience's imagination for the common life of the buddies together, with laughter, companionship, tears, and moving. It is understood that in the movie version of [Love Apartment], the roles of Zeng Xiaoxian, Hu Yifei, Lu Ziqiao, Zhang Wei, Tang Youyou and Chen Meijia will all return. The film is still directed by Wei Zhen, the dramatist, and Wang Yuan. This film gained 530 million box office.

《Heartbeat》is a passing film directed by Guan Jinpeng, starring Si Wen, Ma Chenfu and others. The film tells about the 1930s denial of juvenile acrobatics who traveled through the space-time tunnel to Shanghai before the World Expo and had a period of time with twelve students such as a teacher-apprentice and a friend.

Summary: In the 1930s, the children of the six troupes arrived in Shanghai at the same time. In order to once again pass through time and space, six people must receive two apprentices to complete a special performance before returning to the past. These people meet and interact with each other in different time and space, and each one finally finds what they want in this wonderful encounter.

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