According to the popular cure and inspirational writer Zhang Haochen, the best seller of the same name, "Nothing is in my world but you" adaptation, can give a busy life to the city life you take a little sweet, love and look forward to love, that will eventually get the meeting. 12 warm stories, 12 memorable memories, exquisite construction and delicate writing, a collection of stories of love and thoughts, is only one of your stories in my world. The stage play will also be supervised by Han Han. Han Han, as a "father-in-law", enjoys high popularity and box office appeal among young people.

Romantic stage show
Director: Li Li
Main actors: Chen Qiaoen; Xu Jian; Dai Mo; Liu Minzi
Release time: 19th October 2012
Summary: The story tells the story of the heroine Cheng Yun and the talented lyricist Lin Fangwen's sadistic love. Through describing the heroine's first love, friendship and love during her college life, this show presents the love story of a girl who has been transformed into a woman for ten years.

Suspense musical play
Director:He Nian
Release time: 27th December 2015
Summary: The groom suddenly disappeared two hours before the wedding. The only clue was a note in the handwriting of a strange woman. Is it murder, kidnapping or escaping? Audiences will wear masks and follow different characters as spectators to find out the truth of the groom's disappearance after the opening explosion. Everyone seems to have something to do with the disappearance of the bridegroom. Audiences will follow the process of reasoning and witness a series of ironic stories, and with the selected characters to crack the mysterious Oolong case. Finally, when the mystery is solved, can the wedding be held as scheduled? Can new people join hands? Everything will be unveiled slowly.  

Immersion drama< Cadaver- forensic experts Qin Ming>
Immersion drama means that viewers can take a more spontaneous way of watching, or even participate in it. According to the different perspectives of drama, the plot will also show corresponding differences. The concept originated in Britain in recent years, it is very popular in the international community, it breaks the traditional theatre actors on the stage, the audience sitting on the stage to watch the way the actor moves in the performance space.
Through the innovation of viewing mode, audiences will take a more autonomous way to participate in the stage performance in disguised form, will greatly increase the viewing experience, especially for the plot of a compact detective suspense drama, will get better viewing feedback. 

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